SURSA Oral History

Past Sabbatical Officers of the Student Union

During the 2017 celebrations for the University's 50th year, we were able to capture the memories of some of the Stirling Student Union past Sabbatical officers who attended a reunion event on a weekend in June. Their memories of their experiences during their sabbatical period are presented here. [P = President; VP = Vice-President].

Richard Bent
  Richard Bent : VP 1983-1984
Jim Doran
  Jim Doran : VP 1981 - 1982
Tommy Geddes
  Tommy Geddes : P 1976 - 1977
Alec MacDonald
  Alec MacDonald : P
Jack McConnell
  Jack McConnell : P 1980-1982
Steve Mungavin
  Steve Mungavin : P Sports 1978-1979
John Short
  John Short : P Sports