SURSA Oral History

The class of '67 reunion 2017

During 2017, the University's 50th anniversary year, graduates who were in our first intake in 1967 held a reunion event, organised by Alistair Gentleman. We took the opportunity to record some of those who attended and who volunteered to be interviewed and here we showcase their memories of those pioneering days at Stirling's very beginning. Other students who started their degrees in 1967 can be found in the alphabetical list of interviewees

Brian Buchanan
  Brian Buchanan :
Alex Elliott
  Alex Elliott :
Peter Holt
  Peter Holt :
Rolland Munro
  Rolland Munro :
Alec MacDonald
  Alec MacDonald :
Lorn Macintyre
  Lorn Macintyre :
Neil MacFarlane and Graham Maybank
  Neil MacFarlane & Graham Maybank :
Janet Margaret and Ann
  Janet Grant, Margaret Mather & Ann Savage :
Willis Nan and Helen
  Willis McLeod, Nan Wallace & Helen Fraser :